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Lithium is a natural ressource which is increasingly used in car batteries, phones and computers. This resource is gradually depleting. Its intensive use in batteries is mainly due to its capacity to store more energy than nickel and cadmium. As the replacement of electrical equipments and electronic devices is accelerating, these equipments become an increasingly significant source of waste (WEEE : Waste electrical and electronic equipment). At the present time, France produces 14 to 24 kg (30 to 52 pounds) of electronic waste per inhabitant per year. This rate increases by about 4% every year. In 2009, only 32% of young (18 to 34 years old) French have recycled their electronic waste. The same year, according to Eco-systèmes (, recycling 193 000 tons of WEEE between january and september would have avoided the emission of 113 000 tons of CO2.