Four solaire - chambre à air

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This solar cooker has been designed by Suresh Vaidyarajan - an architect, who has found a simple solution for a tough problem. This design can be made from items that people no longer need (rubbish) making it potentially free. There are no tools needed to create this cooker. It will be cooking for you in no time!

License : Attribution (CC BY)


a tutorial on how to create a cooker without using electricity or fire.


- one inner tube

- polystyrene plate

- wooden slate

- glass sheet

- adhesive tape

- aluminium foil or emergency blanket


Step 1 - Step 1 : the wrapping

Wrap the inner tube in the emergency blanket or in aluminum foil. Place on a polystyrene plate.

Step 2 - Step 2 : the implementation

Place polystyrene and tube onto the wooden slate. Put pot with food inside in the middle of the tyre tube.

Step 3 - Step 3 : the glass sheet

Place the glass sheet on top of the tube. It must be covered.

Step 4 - Last Step : the cooking

The sun will shine through the glass and reflect off the blanket creating a very hot environment, perfect for cooking in.

Notes and references

Dont open the glass while the process is happening as this will let the hot air out.