Create a group

You are member of a Fablab, an association, a school, or any other community project ? You can create a group to gather your tutorials and members on a page, with yours colors. No less !

Communities, welcome home!

We have created groups to enable you to gather your tutorials and members together on the same page.

All your tutorials on a personalized page

Customize your group with logo and banner. Anyone can join your group, by clicking "Join this group".


Introduce yourself

Fill in your informations : machines, calendar and description. Members are notified when something is added or changed in the group.

To whom groups have been created?

To everyone! If you are a group of people or a single person, groups will enable you to gather on a single page all your tutorials together.

  • Fablabs, Makerspaces and others labs
  • Non-Profit, Organisations or Community
  • Workshop, Seminars
  • Events, Contests
  • Others (groups are really open to all of you)

How to add a tutorial to a group?

It's very simple, you can do it in 2 clicks.


Join a group

On the group's page, click on "Join" button.


Add a tutorial to a group

On the tutorial's page, click on "Add to group" bouton, and choose the group in witch you want to add it.


Voila ! Your tutorial is added to the group

Anyone can add or remove a tutoriel to any group.