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Insert a picture

Import your pictures directly in your steps:

1. Chose the step in which your want to import your picture.
A step can contain up to 6 pictures. The allowed files types are: .jpeg, .png, .gif. The file size is limited to 10 Mo.
2. Click on Fichier:Wf-icon-help-img.jpg and select all the pictures your want to import for the step.
3. Click on Upload all files.

You can also import all your picture all at once by using the images gallery. To do this:

1. Click on Fichier:Wf-icon-help-galery.jpg at the top left of the page. The image gallery will open.
2. Click on Fichier:Wf-icon-help-img.jpg and Select on your computer all the picture or drag and drop your pictures directly in the images gallery.
3. Drag and drop' your pictures from the gallery into the corresponding steps.