The system used measures 2m long by 50cm wide. The skeleton is made up of 4 cleats / bamboos fixed in parallel at a distance of 15 cm thanks to wooden cleats. It is covered with an agricultural cover (width 1m) so as to form 3 gutters about 10cm deep. These gutters are filled with clay balls. An aquarium pump immersed in the biofilter tank propels the nutrient solution from the top side of these gutters (inclination of about 10 degrees) so that it flows through the clay balls until it returns to the storage tank (biofilter). The table is about 1.2m high (ergonomic for taking care of plants). A shade screen is attached like a skirt on the sides to protect the biofilters, nutrient solution storage tank and mushroom farm from the sun.

  1. Manufacturing of the support
  • In this model we explain the process for 3 gutters but it is of course possible to duplicate it at will !
  • Cut 4 strips of the same length (190 cm for us)
  • Attach them parallel to a support using brackets and screws at regular intervals (15 cm)
  • Staple the tarpaulin on the side of the first strip and then extend it to cover the next three (Possibility to double the tarpaulin for more resistance)
  • Form gutters with the tarpaulin until it touches the support
  • Staple the tarpaulin on each strip and cut it out.
  • Water recovery