About us

The Low-tech Lab

The Low-tech Lab is a collaborative research and documentation project aiming to share and promote low technologies. The programme's vocation is to spread local and efficient low-tech solutions widely in order to provide a global answer to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.

This programme is open to any person or structure willing to contribute to low-tech innovation or benefit from its discoveries.

L'intelligence collective au service de l'innovation utile

A collaborative approach

The Low-tech Lab works in a collaborative way in order to encourage the exchange of skills, know-how and experience. The approach aims to decompartementalise innovation actors while promoting the ingenuity developed by populations.

Subsidiarity logics

Innovation must respond to concrete problems. The Low-tech Lab encourages the creation of local communities for the solutions developed to be as close as possible to the context and needs.

Open-source sharing

Because shared intelligence must be available to all, the Low-tech Lab shares the solutions of its community via open-source documentation. Open-source makes solutions available to the greatest number while encouraging incremental innovation.

The Low-tech Lab's missions



The Low-tech Lab combines the knowledge and tools necessary to the spreading of low-technologies and their way of thinking (eg: collaborative platform, sourcing, documentation, etc.)



To inspire the birth and replication of low-tech initiatives, the Low-tech Lab launches broadcasting and promotion operations (Explorer, media campaign, documentaries, etc.)



The Low-tech Lab accompanies those who wish to implement low-tech solutions or communities everywhere in the world (eg: student organisations, development support, local branches, etc.)



A collaborative platform

To make an inventory, document and inspire across borders


A community

To work in a collaborative way and be as close to the field as possible.

The Low-tech Lab in the world

In France

  • Low-tech Lab France
  • Campus Low-tech - Centrale Paris
  • Low-tech ICAM - ICAM Nantes
  • Impermanence des autonomes

Under creation

  • Low-tech Lab Maroc
  • Low-tech Lab Auroville, Inde

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