The Solar Funnel Cooker

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Construction of the solar funnel cooker, safe, efficient, easy to build and to use.

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Very cheap, easy and efficient cooker.

Parabolic cooker can be dangerous (causing fires) and complicated to make. This cooker gave results comparable to the ones given by a "cookit" cooker and a solid wooden cooker.

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Thanks to Tom Sponheim to let us share this great technology!


  1. A piece of flat cardboard, about 800*1600 mm. (The length should be just twice the width. The bigger, the better.)
  2. Ordinary aluminum foil or safety blanket
  3. Three wire links-- or small nuts and bolts, or string to hold the funnel together. Here we used a wire made out of a water bottle
  4. For a cooking vessel, I recommend a glass jar, type "le parfait" used here. The cooking jar (or vessel) should be painted black on the outside.
  5. A block of wood is used as an insulator under the jar. I use a piece of 10cm square x 5cm thick.) One square piece of wood makes a great insulator.
  6. A plastic bag is used to go around the cooking-jar and block of wood, to provide a green-house effect. 



*A glue such as white glue, and water to mix with it 50-50. Also, a brush to apply the glue to the cardboard (or a cloth or paper towel will do). Or, some may wish to use a cheap "spray adhesive" available in spray cans. 

Step 1 - Cut a Half-circle out of the Cardboard

Step 2 - Form the Funnel

Step 3 - Glue Foil to Cardboard

Step 4 - Join side A to side B to keep the funnel together

Step 5 - Painting the jar

Step 6 - Final steps

Step 7 - After Cooking

Step 8 - Helpful Hints