Nomade des mers

Nomade des mers

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In 2016, Corentin de Chatelperron left the port of Concarneau (France) on board the Nomade des Mers, a low-technology ambassador catamaran, to explore the world for 3 years!

Low-tech experimentation platform, promotion support and broadcasting medium, the Nomade des Mers aims to become an exemplary autonomous ecosystem, standard-bearer of sustainable and fair trade innovation.


Goals of the mission


Finding the most promising low-techs

At each stage, Nomade des Mers searches for exemplary low-techs, showing their technical, economical or social interest.


Experimenting every day

On board a real laboratory-catamaran, the Nomade des Mers crew tests low technologies every day in order to show their potential or their room for improvement.


Promoting useful and sustainable innovation

Throughout the trip, videos (3', 26' and 52') are made to be widely broadcasted over the internet and on television. This extraordinary adventure provides a stage for low-tech innovation.

From France to Indonesia

Nomade des Mers left Concarneau (France) on 23rd February 2016 for a trip of under two years from France to Indonesia. In 17 months, she visited 12 countries in 15 stages and came across no fewer than thirty low-tech systems.


Biosphere mission, a low-tech life base

After a year and a half of of exploration which led to the discovery of 40 high-potential low technologies, the Nomade des Mers and Corentin will drop anchor for four months for a unique experience in self-sufficiency!

Alone on a desert island off Thailand, where he will be totally self-reliant, Corentin's mission will be to combine the most promising low-tech solutions to create self-sufficient living quarters which meet all of his basic needs.

Within the constraints of this total self-reliance, Corentin will evaluate the use of low-tech systems by testing their use in daily life as well as measuring the impact of such an experiment on humans.

From this experience, mapping and modelling tools will be devised to visualise the most efficient interconnections between different low technologies. Ultimately, these tools will allow the development of a scalable protocol for the creation of frugal and economical living quarters that can be deployed in disaster-stricken or resource-poor areas.

As a result of this mission, an ecosystem will be created at the scale of a single human being, and Corentin will play a key role in the enhancement or destruction of his environment. They will be interdependent, just as each of us is with respect to the planet.

From Thailand to France

Nomade des Mers sets sail for France via the Pacific Ocean and America.

Programme to come.

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