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Drill a pipe every 4 centimeters using a sewing needle along the entire length of the desalinator. At the end of this pipe, provide a tap that will siphon the arrival of seawater. At the other end, this pipe is drowned to the bottom in a bottle of seawater, located higher than the desalinator so that the flow can be done. Provide a tap at the outlet of the seawater bottle to adjust the flow. The pierced portion of the seawater inlet tube is wrapped in the fabric protruding above the frames, thus, all seawater will be trapped by the fabric. Put the desalinator in the sun, open the reflectors, siphon the sea water, and observe the condensation inside the tarpaulins! Pretty soon, fresh water should flow down the frames and fill the bottle! Slightly bend the desalinator with wedges so that fresh water flows gently to the evacuations.