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A simple solution that allows you to bring light into a dark space during the day, without electricity.

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The majority of slum houses in the world are very dark. This simple system makes it possible to bring the light inside during the day.

This innovation installed in the test house of the permaculture center of SERTA (Brazil) is very simple to set up, and requires very little means, the best is to think about the installation before the construction of the roof.


  • a clear plastic bottle
  • coating
  • chlorine / bleach


Step 1 - Skylight installation

The installation has a single step: place the bottle half filled with water and a few drops of bleach or chlorine (to avoid the development of algae) through the roof, neck up, exposed to the sunlight and fix it using the coating.

Lorsqu'elle sera exposée aux rayons du soleil, le phénomène de diffraction diffusera la lumière dans toute la pièce.

Notes and references

Système installé au SERTA (Serviço de Tecnologia Alternativa) au Brésil

Site du Serta

Le test du puis de lumière à bord du bateau Nomade des Mers sur Youtube