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Low-tech Tour

Area France
Start Juin 2017
Duration 1 an

Searching for sustainable housing

Housing is at the heart of western considerations: how can each one of us transform his or her living space into a more cost-effective and sustainable ecosystem?

Onboard a van-come travelling workshop, the Low-tech Lab France team met with 12 inventors or local initiatives that developed solutions to reduce the impact of housing thanks to low-technologies adapted to their context. At each stop, the systems discovered were documented with their inventor and all the written and filmed tutorials will be available on the Low-tech Lab platform.


Goals of the mission


Promoting sustainable lifestyles

Low-tech Tour France meets those who have opted for a lifestyle with less impact and tells you their stories.


Sharing practical solutions

Heating, indoor composting, sanitary facilities... Low-tech Tour France documents practical technical solutions for reducing our impact on our habitat.


Thinking about the habitat of tomorrow

During its tour of France, Low-tech Lab questions the relationship of the French with their habitat to visualise how a low-tech house could look.

Discover the solutions

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